About Us

We Strive for Excellence

Here at Realty World Dominion, we provide outstanding service, invaluable expertise, and the latest technological innovations. This gives us the edge in an ever changing world of real estate. Our job is to be there for you, in your corner, whenever you need us.

When we take on a client, we know that whatever questions they may have, however difficult the challenge, we can handle it!

We offer our clients a level of service and expertise that makes our company stand out amongst so many others. We’re proud to say that our company has gained a foothold in this community, and that it is growing every day.

Realty World Dominion

3194 De La Cruz Blvd #10, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Office: 408-980-5200 | Direct: 408-980-5202 | eFax: 877-289-7306